Get started - How to improve your German every day

Learning a new language is tough, I know. Especially when you work 9 til 5 and maybe have children, who were in school and ask for your attention. Then you might think, that you just don’t have time to start learning German. Of course, learning a new language needs discipline, continuity and persistence. But there are many ways to improve your German skills, that you can use every day, and which are, by the way, a lot of fun.

Use vocabulary apps

Words are the basis of a language. They bear the main information. If you learn German, you will need a framework for them: the grammar. But for the beginning it is most important, to collect words to speak with immediately. 

An useful tool can be vocabulary apps. You decide how much time you spend each day. You can learn new words, repeat them, make a word deck, create a SRM, put them in sentences and many many more.

Find your favorite magazine

Reading regularly increases your vocabulary, gives you verbal phrases and a helpful instinct for German syntax. But you don’t have to start your reading sessions with Goethe or Marx, even if they are very interesting to read. Choose a magazine in a topic you are interested anyway. Do you like to bake? You gonna love the magazine … Oh no, I don’t make any advertisement. But you know my point? Have a look a your next magazine store and have fun!

Listening German

Is German radio playing while you get yourself ready for work? Great! You should shower in German sounds as much as you can, even if you do not understand. But listening to German music, news, words train your sense of language and pronunciation. 

Study smart

Every language has its ways to simplify. German has several. For example, I recommend learning conjugation of the modal verbs quite from the start, because it enables you to use the second verb in the infinitive form, without conjugation. „Hilfst du mir?“ means almost the same like „Kannst du mir helfen?“ Isn’t it convenient?  Ask your German teacher for more! Or come to the newsletter and I’ll help you.


Grown-ups can learn a lot from children. One thing is, how to step into language. Children learn language by imitation, by not stop trying and (the most important thing) in interaction with their parents. They are not just listening, they try to communicate from the beginning. Of course, language acquisition works differently when you are an adult. But this stays universal: The more you practise, the faster you become better. Do not wait until you feel confident in conversation. This will not happen as long as you don’t start. 

If you need some help for starting conversation, sign in for newsletter and you will get a free worksheet with phrases for beginners that you can use in your daily life in Germany.


All the best for your start!

Yours, Stefanie